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The History 

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From early mathematics, computing, audio recording, and voltage controlled analog synthesis to the avant-garde, club, and rave culture into the 21st Century:

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Prominent dates: 
  • late 1960's Disco begins 
  • 1967 Silver Apples becomes one of the first groups to employ electronic music techniques extensively within a rock idiom, and their minimalistic style, with its pulsing, driving beat and frequently discordant modality, anticipated not only the experimental electronic music and krautrock of the 1970s but also underground dance music and indie rock of the 1990s.
  • early 1980's 
    • Chicago house is born 
  • 1986 Run-D.M.C. covers "Walk This Way" by Aerosmith and the concept of the disc jockey as a band member and artist is known worldwide 
  • late 1980's Detroit Techno is born  
  • 1986 Phuture (Spanky, DJ Pierre, Herb J) releases one of the first acid house records ""Acid Tracks" 
  • 1989 Frankie Bones becomes the "Godfather of American Rave Culture" after bringing the culture to America after playing at a hangar party in the UK

California History
(in development)

  • 1930 Henry Cowell commissions Léon Theremin to invent the Rhythmicon (also known as the Polyrhythmophone, the world's first electronic rhythm machine)
  • 1939 - John Cage manipulates records in Imaginary Landscape no. 1 and Imaginary Landscape no. 2. directly influenced by Schönberg’s serialism 
  • 1945 KCRW 89.9FM is born to train servicemen returning from World War II in a new technology they called "FM broadcasting." 
  • 1952 John Cage creates "Williams Mix" using magnetic tape recordings for source material 
  • 1962 
    • Don Buchla creates Buchla and Associates in Berkeley, California and completes his first modular synthesizer in 1963 
    • The San Francisco Tape Music Center is created by Morton Subotnick and Ramon Sender as a "nonprofit cultural and educational corporation, the aim of which was to present concerts and offer a place to learn about work within the tape music medium"
  • 1968 KUCI 88.9FM begins as a pirate radio station & in 1969 becomes legal and funded by UCI (University of California, Irvine)
  • 1969 Terry Riley releases "A Rainbow in Curved Air"
  • 1970s KDAY Radio is born in L.A. and later becomes the innovation gateway for Hip-Hop, R&B, and Dance Music influencing countless people. It was the first station in the world to play Hip-Hop around the clock.
  • 1976 - 1979 Synapse Magazine 
  • 1980 David Cope begins to create algorithmic compositions through programmed A.I. analysis
  • 1981 Alex Cima begins teaching Music Technology at Fullerton College and becomes a prominent influence to many local musicians and releases his own electronic music as well. 
  • ~1980 
    • Brothers Vangelis and Vidal Vargas are exposed to artists such as Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk by their father and later become Raíz & founders of Droid Behavior with Drumcell. 
    • ? Dr. Richard Boulanger completes his Ph.D. at the University of California, San Diego (Center for Music Experiment’s Computer Audio Research Lab, Bell Labs, CCRMA, the MIT Media Lab, Interval Research, and IBM and worked closely for many years with Max Mathews and Barry Vercoe) 
    • Eli Star begins DJ'ing 
    • Demoscene and the use of trackers 
    • Mariah starts the Batline (the first original underground club-line)
    • Fester attends a house party which inspires him to start DJ'ing & becomes well-known in the L.A. underground. 
  • 1984
    • DPSM begins DJ'ing  
    • Tom Erbe begins working at the Computer Audio Research Lab at UC San Diego with Max Matthews, Richard Boulanger, Richard Moore and others until 1987
    • Einsturzende Neubauten from Germany and Crash Worship from San Diego play a memorable show in the Mojave dessert prefiguring desert raves and Burning Man
  • mid 1980s 
    • Randy J Jacobson begins to DJ in LA
    • Barry Weaver begins to DJ in LA
    • Simply Jeff / Dj Spinn begins DJ'ing in Orange County and L.A.
    • ? Anthem / VJ 2112 brings Performance Art on the Drumset to High-End Venues in California and other states
  •  1985 
    • John McEnary creates the, "Computers in Music" class at Orange Coast College and is later joined by Dana Wheaton in 1991. Dennis Anderson and Eric Dalhberg join them later as well.
    • DJ Pat D begins DJ'ing and gets his first S. California gig at the After 8 dance club in Norco and a few years later Traffic Jam, 8:00 Hott Mixx and The Friday & Saturday Night Hott Mixx on 99.1 KGGI FM
    • Ron D. Core begins DJ'ing and starts Dr. Freeclouds in 1986 with his wife Helen Liang Dedmon 
    • DJ Moonpup begins DJ'ing in LA
    • Dennis Moore (DJ Pride One) begins DJ'ing 
  • 1986 
    • Doc Martin begins to DJ (S.F. to L.A.)
    • Playscool Productions is created by Todd Zweig 
    • Ice-T releases "6 'N Da Mornin' (first West Coast gangsta rap track)
  • 1987 
    • 3MT / Rob Wright begins producing. VJ'ing in 1991
    • DJ Lethal moves to Los Angeles, discovers hip-hop culture, & begins beatboxing. In1992 Begins DJ'ing & "House of Pain" with Danny Boy. He later joins Limp Bizkit and produces for Sugar Ray, Rob Zombie, DMC, Evanescence, and many others
    • JDevil (Jonathan Davis of Korn) begins DJ'ing in Bakersfield
    • JOHN V begins DJ'ing in Los Angeles
  • 1988 
    • Jason Bentley begins at KCRW as a phone volunteer and later goes on to become a prominent DJ & Music Director of KCRW. Previously: KXLU, Afterhours on KROQ-FM, Metropolis on KCRW 
    • David Wessel becomes Professor of Music at the University of California, Berkeley where he is Director of CNMAT
    • Rob Pointer ( Robtronik ) begins DJ'ing in San Francisco. [ Founder of Compression, Convention, Planetary Series, Boom Box and former radio DJ on Indie 103.1 FM with The Crystal Method ]
  • 1988-1999 ? Labyrinth Warehouse (first LA rave) 
  • 1989 
    • Mellinfunk begins to DJ
    • Circa (event)
    • Nectar (event) 
    • dj odie begins to DJ in San Diego
    • After dropping out of Berklee, BT (Brian Wayne Transeau) moves to Los Angeles and lived there for a year but later returns in 1999 to further pursue film scoring 
  • ~ late 80's early 90's
    • Joe Vitale? starts the Sideshow Hotline & later Jen takes it over (club-line)
    • Hope Dawson starts the hopeline (club-line)
    • Ruth Nikata creates the Underground Source (club-line)
    • Whaddup hotline (hip-hop / Drum & Bass) (club-line)
    • Kira? creates LA Unified (club-line)
    • DJ Fido begins DJ'ing
    • ? Steve Loria begins DJ'ing
  • 199_? 
    • DJ Shadow begins DJ'ing at UC Davis on KDVS & later becomes a prominent figure in instrumental hip-hop 
    • James Lumb and Roxanne Morganstern create the Electric Sky Church band
    • Funky TeknoTribe with Barry Weaver
    • Eve Falcon begins DJ'ing in L.A. 
    • ? Mr. Koolaid beings DJ'ing/Producing  
  • 1990 
    • NELA TV - The 90's in LA
    • Frankie Bones comes to L.A.
    • Stranger Than Fiction (L.A.’s first Massive @ The Shrine Auditorium) (event)
    • Todd Zweig creates Romperoom  
    • Xavier De Enciso starts DJ'ing and promoting in L.A. 
    • BaBaLu & DJ Fido create Flammable Liquid (L.A. event) 
    • Jaymystic begins DJ'ing and promoting in L.A.
  • early 1990s
    • The word "rave" becomes popular in California after being widely used in Europe 
    • Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles becomes the place to find records as Beat Non Stop, Street Sounds, and DMC Records open shop. 
    • Family Groove is born (L.A. event)
    • Insomnia (not Insomniac) is born (afterhours event) 
    • Moe Espinosa discovers the rave scene in L.A. and later becomes drumcell & founder of Droid Behavior with Raíz
    • LA Klub Kids are born 
    • DJ Dan begins to DJ in L.A. after moving from Seattle
    • DJ Mojo (Joel Semchuck) begins DJ'ing
    • The Crystal Method / Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland move from Las Vegas to Glendale 
    • Paw Paw Patch (event)
    • Donald Glaude helps define west-coast house music
    • R.A.W. / 6Blocc / BBOY3000 / Raoul Gonzalez begins to DJ and influences many including Gregory Cahill
    • What? (event)
    • F.A.M.I.L.Y. (event)
    • ANDR3X creates Subliminal (event) 
    • Grape Ape at Wild Rivers water park in Irvine (event) 
    • Daven the Mad Hatter begins promoting in Orange County
    • Jamie Thinnes begins DJ'ing
    • Narnia (event)
    • The Unity Project (event - created by Rob Wright, ...) 
    • ? Magic Wednesdays begins (the only major rave-oriented Hollywood club in the 90's) 
    • Dean Paul begins DJ'ing in L.A. 
    • Steve Loria creates Bang The Drum (event) 
    • Hip-hop turntablist, DJ AERO becomes a part the L.A. rave scene and years later becomes Tommy Lee's DJ'ing partner in Electro Mayhem and has worked with Snoop Dogg, Everlast, Korn, and Dilated Peoples. He has now also joined Lee, Deadmau5, and Steve Duda in "WTF?" 
    • Destructo (Gary Richards) begins DJ'ing and producing undergrounds in L.A. & later becomes the A&R for electronic music at Def American Recordings with Lords of Acid, Messiah, David Holmes, Basement Jaxx, Dub Pistols, God Lives Underwater and founding 1500 Records and Nitrus Records 
    • Brian Scroggins begins producing techno and later as P.O.P. with Daniel Somboonsiri. He later dies from cancer in 2008 
    • dj404 begins DJ'ing but later dies of cancer in 2009 
    • ? Tony Largo begins DJ'ing
  • ? Taylor is the resident house DJ at Metropolis in Irvine. A lot of worldwide DJ's play there because of him. 
  • 1991- ~1997 Don Pits creates the Dirt Line to help connect people to the hottest events
  • 1991 - 1992 - KDLD MARS-FM is born with Swedish Egil and Freddy Snakeskin
  • 1991 - 1994 Peter Vincent's Rave Time Capsule 
  • 1991 
    • Dana Wheaton joins John McEnary in the, "Computers in Music" class at Orange Coast College.  
    • Tom Erbe creates SoundHack, one of the first shareware electronic music softwares extreme (time stretching and sound file convolution) used by Richard D. James, Trent Reznor, and for sound effects in The Matrix
    • Jack And Jill (event)
    • DJ Vitamin begins to DJ
    • Deejay Coolwhip begins DJ'ing & producing 
    • Scott Friedel (God Within), Gavin (Hawke), and Robbie (Little Wing) start the Hardkiss Music record label in San Francisco
    • Dubtribe Sound System begins producing and performing in San Francisco 
  • 1992 
    • DJ Nickel (Jared Griffith) begins DJ'ing / RIP May 25, 1974 - December 30, 2015
    • ET7 begins collecting vinyl and starts DJ'ing under "DJ BOOTYTRAP" in '96 
    • RTD (Rave Till Dawn)(promoter) is founded 
    • Skylab2000's first independant vinyl release and then becomes a full live act in 1994
    • Brian Behlendorf creates the sfraves mailing list and then Hyperreal
    • Power Tools is born (produced by Gerry Meraz and hosted by Richard Vission) on Power 106 FM  
    • DJ Trance / Jason Blakemore begins DJ'ing  
    • Thee-O begins DJ'ing  
    • Brad Moontribe begins DJ'ing 
    • Mark Farina relocated to San Francisco bringing the downtempo style and then started co-hosting a weekly Mushroom Jazz club night in ‘93
    • C^STILLO begins DJ'ing (Pomona?) and later creates INNERM^TTER Recordings
    • DJJeffreyLA begins DJ'ing
    • DJNicotene begins mixing Drum & Bass 
    • The Movement (AJ Mora, Richard Vission, DJ Hazze, Walter "Kandor" Kahn) is formed and created their hit track "Jump!" 
    • dymk - Does Your Mama Know? - is created
  • 1992/93 About 17,000 people arrive at K-Rave New Years Eve at Knott's Berry Farm created by Gary Richards / DJ Destructo (event)
  • 1993 
    • Liquid Fish begins producing and then DJ'ing in 1996  
    • Riders of the Plastic Groove is born on KUCI 88.9fm by Dennis Simms
    • Moontribe is born / Founded by Treavor Walton and 
    • Christopher X starts raving and then moves east and begins to DJ
    • Spundae (promoter) is born
    • Insomniac Events is born
  • 1994 
    • F.A.M.I.L.Y. is born (events)  
    • TechnoState (event) is born 
    • DJ Homicide joins the band "Sugar Ray" 
    • Nocturnal Wonderland begins (event) 
    • Mars creates Frequency 8 (first events in California dedicated exclusively to Trance music paving the way for a West Coast Trance explosion like Skills in San Francisco) 
    • PWLY (The People Who Love You) is born (events) 
    • DJ AUDIO-C begins DJ'ing in Orange County
  • mid 1990's
    • DJ Remo (Remo Hunt) begins DJ'ing (a fixture of Long Beach’s jungle and dubstep music scenes) 
    • Überzone / "Q" begins DJ'ing and becomes later becomes predominate in the breakbeat genre
    • Verity begins DJ'ing
    • jeniluv begins DJ'ing 
    • DjLush begins DJ'ing in LA
    • ? Corey Hoffman begins DJ'ing 
    • ? Shane Braden begins DJ'ing
    • TOMCARLE aka TomKat begins DJ'ing 
    • ? Ideal Flow begins DJ'ing 
    • ? Lethal One begins DJ'ing  
    • ? Holliday Panasith
  • 1995 
    • ? DJ Amanda Jones begins DJ'ing in Los Angeles & later co-created Club Suicide, the city’s official Suicide Girls nightspot, as well as the innovative Malediction Society, the first Steampunk dance night in Los Angeles  
    • Conscious Groove Events is created by Markus D. Manley (ends December 2000)
    • Techno Pusher begins DJ'ing
    • DJ Lyfe joins the band "Incubus"(Calabasas, California)
    • Meanstreak begins DJ'ing in LA
    • DJ Dement begins DJ'ing in LA
    • DJ Dais begins DJ'ing in LA and later joins the Milk Karton DJs in Orange County  
    • DJ Zona begins DJ'ing, spinning funky house and Chicago house
  • ~1995 Psytribe
  • ? Green Sector
  • ? Terrakroma
  • 1996 - 1998 Groove Radio 103.1 FM 24/7 is born after running the 3 hour Groove Radio show  "Renegade Radio" on KWIZ 
  • 1996 
    • Ron D. Core creates Atomic Hardcore Recordings & then Oblivion Records (California’s first Hardcore record label)
    • Franck "H-Bomb" Huyghe launches Das Bunker in a Long Beach bar and becomes a staple to the goth / industrial scene.
    • Steve Aoki creates Dim Mak records (named after his childhood hero, Bruce Lee) after running underground concerts in Southern California, Santa Barbara 
    • 96? V-Wax is born in Los Angeles (record label) 
    • The first Nocturnal Wonderland by Insomniac (event) 
    • GOODTIMES is born (founded by Lenny Skippen) 
    • Emmy J from the Inland Empire begins DJ'ing
  • ~1997 
    • DJ APX 1 begins DJ'ing and starts his own artist management company "Revolution"
    • A "rave task force" is formed in L.A. to shutdown raves 
  • 1997
    • Scott Friedel (Scott Hardkiss / God Within) is named "California's leading exponent of hard house" by Pete Tong
    • Energy Project
    • Go Ventures is born
    • Mr. Hahn joins "Linkin Park" 
    • Mel-E-Boo discovers electronic music in Grass Valley and then begins promoting and later DJ'ing in 2002 as part of Unity Project DJ's
  • 1998 
    •  undocument begins making music in Long Beach
    • "Steamroller" event - first Hardcore / Acid / Break core event founded by DJ Nickle
    • Mellinfunk starts Mainline Records  
    • The Los Angeles Coliseum holds a public rave where they recorded up to 100,000 people
    • David Hopper gets his first record deal with Blacc Label Records
    • Bret Wallace begins DJ'ing and later starts Re:love (L.A.?) 
  • 1999 
    • Tom Erbe begins inventing creative audio design plugins which later include: decimate, spriralstretch and bubbler 
    • "Nintendocore" genre is created by Horse The Band 
    • The Rapid Eye Movement is born
    • Pedro Eustache performs Tetelestai in Irvine 
    • Desert Dwellers is formed by Amani Friend & Treavor Moontribe
    • Coachella (Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival) is born (event)
    • Rev. JoE Young is inspired by events in Lancaster and begins creating music in 2000 as "Rev. JoE's Chill Factor" and has his first show with Neo Sapiens Music in 2003 and later joins Xtrnl
  • late 90's
    • DJ Hyperactive begins 4 Track Records out of Los Angeles 
    • Mungo begins DJ'ing 
  • ~2000 
    • first? massives by Coolworld and B3 
  • 2000  
    • Pietro Da Sacco creates Igloo Magazine in December 
    • Munchie / Filthy Freqs begins to DJ and MC in L.A. 
    • Paul Oakenfold plays for thousands at the Cyberfest in Fresno
    • The Do LaB is born
      • Lightning in a Bottle (event)
    • Jaymystic begins a residence at Luna Park on Friday nights in Hollywood which was named the hottest Friday night destination in 2000 by The L.A. Weekly 
    • JAM on it is born
  • 2001 
    • Producer Snafu begins making music
    • Dntel (Jimmy Tamborello) releases "(This is) The Dream of Evan and Chan" featuring the vocals and lyrics of Ben Gibbard who will both release "Give Up" in 2003 as The Postal Service. 
  • 2002  
    • Eric - Uncle E - Dalhberg, multi-talented musician, teacher, previous music supervisor, and all-around-super-cool guy founded, the best music store in Orange County. Its name originates from a record label he started in college named, "Just Roots Records." 
    • Pietrobot & Freakquency Modulator begins hosting one of Southern California’s leading experimental electronic music radio shows, Digital::Nimbus.
    • Simply Jeff opens his second retail store, "DJ Culture," with partners Russ Sakurai and John Gavin and managed by Bryan Mizota in Costa Mesa. It moved to Huntington Beach until it closed late 2012. The store had frequent visits from top EDM artist such as Deadmau5, Kascade, Frankie Bones, Uberzone, Davey Dave, Swedish Egil, Reid Speed, DJ Rap, DJ Irene, Donald Glaude, Charles Feelgood, DJ Dan, Faust & Shortee, Meat Katie, Elite Force, Tommy Lee, DJ Aero and much more. 
    • Droid Behavior is born 
    • Rob Pointer (Robtronic) creates Boom Box, a prominent figure in the southern California breaks scene 
    • The OC Music Awards include...? showing an increased interest in electronic music.
  • 2003 
    • Adymus (John Rock) begins producing in Anaheim and then begins DJ'ing in 2006
    • John McEnary passes away (1952-2003) (Creator of the, "Computers in Music" class, performer of classical and jazz guitar, specialist in acoustic, electrical and synthesized guitars, Orange Coast College music professor)
    • Listeners are outraged after KDL, the party station, ceased to exist. For a month the station ran with no commercials or DJs and featured only the voices of listeners from phone messages left on the request line voice mail. Many of the phone messages were angry listeners yelling "You guys suck!" and "What happened to KDL the party station!" 
    • Underground Sound Productions is created by DJ Soda (Dakota) in Santa Cruz
    • Bob Motamedi begins DJ'ing 
    • Josh Billings creates Focus in Orange County (event)
    • Soundwalk is born 2011 / 2012 
    • Art Darien begins writing and producing his own music 
    • Colin C. ( Consoul (2), Deeptone, Slighter, The Pushers, Visitor Seven )  begins producing, engineering, and DJ'ing in Los Angeles and later creates Confusion INC.and works at DMC Records on Melrose Ave.
  • 2004 
    • The Recording Academy (Grammy Awards) is lobbied by Jason Bentley, ? (and others) to include electronic music
    • The Crystal Method hosts a show on Indie 103.1fm  
    • Open Mike Eagle moves from Chicago to Los Angeles to join the underground hip-hop scene
  • 2005  
    • Eric Hodges begins producing 
    • Henry Strange begins DJ'ing 
    • Audio Science is born 
    • Rob Pointer (Robtronic) creates Compression (event) in LA & hosts many prominent techno & house producers and DJ's 
  • 2006
  • 2007 
    • Gary Richards / DJ Destructo creates HARD (event promoter)
    • Dave Itz begin's producing in LA
  • 2008 
    • XTRNL Music is founded by Jonathan Morning 
  • 2009  
    • Xavier De Enciso creates LOVEFIX (event) 
    • Rob Ponter (Robtronic) creates Convention, a three day techno festival, a first of its kind in LA
    • Robot was created on January 23rd, 2009 at 16:20pst to play drums and bass for the band Tartar Control. "Robert and Sean are my dads."
    •  Wired Events is born 
    • Groove Temple is founded by Luis Rosario and Michelle LeMay  
    • Sonny John Moore begins to perform as Skrillex in Los Angeles
  • 2010
    • The Milk Karton DJs, a DJ collective based in Orange County, begins teaching people how to DJ for free, fostering a true respect and knowledge of DJ culture  
    • BChang begins DJ'ing after learning from the MKDJs  
    • DJ Rubrene begins Telesthesia: Sound System Circuitry (2010 - 2014) broadcasted on KUCI 88.9 FM
  • 2011 
    • first International Gloving Championship (IGC
    • Anton Tumas creates Subtract Music
    • Flap Jack begins DJ'ing in SoCal and becomes a hardcore icon
  • 2012
    • Tom Erbe begins collaborating with Make Noise to create analog/digital hybrid synthesis modules including Echophon, Erbe-Verb, Telharmonic and Morphagene
    • Tom Erbe becomes the first person after John Cage to perform "Williams Mix," his pioneering tape music piece composed in 1952 with one of the performances being featured on Clipping's second album "Clppng" 
    • Verity creates MSR (Muzikal Spirit Research) (event promoter) 
    • Jessica Waffles creates Waffles Weekly  
    • Thee-O, Luis Rosario, and Rob Pointer (formerly known as Robtronik) create Stylus  
  • 2013
    • Eliot Han and Marcel Videla create #FOFN (Friends of Friends Network)
    • ? Simply Jeff creates Beyond Zilla Records
    • Lethal One creates Official Records  
    • DJ Urbanite begins DJ'ing and producing
  • 2014 
  • 2015
    • "Through The Looking Glass: a Journey through Los Angeles' Rave History" by Public Works Collective [an independent documentary] is released (~2017?)

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  • HUGE! (free print-based underground rave magazine & e-zine beginning in 1998)
  • Milwaukee's rave zine "Massive"
  • Lotus in Seattle
  • Synapse ( 1976-1979 )


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