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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Interview: Daz Furey & Paul Spectrum of FNOOB Radio

Paul Spectrum (left) Daz Furey (right)
Daz Furey and Paul Spectrum of FNOOB Radio, our current radio of the month, join us in a behind-the-scenes chat!

Volterock: When and how did Fnoob begin?

Daz Furey: Fnoob Techno Radio began in June 2010 (we're nearly 5 years old!) and was created as a secondary stream for the underground music community site on Fnoob.com. The original Fnoob stream was a mix of underground genres set up by the Fnoob Founder Ben Sonley in September 2009. He asked me, Daz Furey (My artist name), to set up the techno stream as the original stream was becoming overcrowded and we felt that it would be good to diversify in genre specific streams. The original fnoob techno only had 15 residents where as now it has over 300!

The driving ethos of fnoob techno over the past 5 years has been that there should be a radio station that techno calls home - simple as that. In recent years there has been a strive to ensure that the different varieties of techno are heard on the station and this has been done by employing a diverse range of technoheads to manage the station, each tasked with getting it what they believe the best techno djs.

Volterock: What is an Fnoob party like? 

Daz Furey: Fnoob.com originally had 6 different streams of underground music catering the for most tastes. The first proper party they had was held at the Garage Club in North London in November 2011. It was headlined by The Orb and Gaudi but had about 20 different acts in 3 rooms. The techno artists on display that night were (now former) Fnoob Techno Radio residents Go!Diva, Dr Hoffman and 3Phazegenerator. Since then There have been Fnoob Techno Parties in Costa Rica, Scotland, Germany, Bristol and London. Currently The Butterfly Effect in London on 24/04/15 is an event promoted by the Fnoob Techno Management. Fnoob Techno Parties are unique, diverse and built on the premise - The people love techno.

Volterock: Who was the first DJ to mix on Fnoob?  

Daz Furey: I was tasked with setting up Fnoob Techno Radio as I got on well with Ben the founder and I was the first techno resident on the original fnoob stream so I guess I could be considered the first dj on the radio - I am also the longest running resident with my EL EXILIO techno broadcast show - it's been running longer than the techno channel as it was on the original fnoob stream. However it's not about me and never has been, Its about the techno and the fantastic residents we have had and continue to have (and their guests) as we play our techno 24/7/365. Essentially that is why Fnoob Techno is what it is, a place for techno for techno lovers.

Volterock: Do you DJ and/or create music yourself?

Paul Spectrum: I do have a show which has been running for 3 years under my DJ name Nomad Spectrum and show called Distant Void. [I'll] skip the other personal [questions], like Daz says its not about us but more about our residents and listeners.

I was asked to lead the channel i think 2 years ago - Daz could correct me on that.

Volterock: What are some of the joys and challenges of having an online radio broadcast 24/7?

Paul Spectrum: My vision was/is to have fresh shows from unique residents from all corners of the world playing a variety of genres of techno, from Acid, dark, industrial more uplifting (not Tec House) etc etc etc

This is being achieved as we have 7 managers (for each day of the week) who do have different tastes in the styles and sounds they like, though they do not recruit exclusively new residents for the sound they like it does keep the channel fresh.

Our managers come from UK, Costa Rica, Netherlands and the US this way we have someone nearly 24 hours online to make sure if any server issues can be dealt with as most f us have real life jobs to pay the bills, feed our kids, etc etc

As I'm sure you are aware we are a non-profit making organization and rely on donations fundraising and live events to keep the channel going. You've done so much and we very honored and proud that we are this months Station of the month.  

  Please help support FNOOB by donating here:

 You can also support them through buying their releases on Bandcamp

Friday, March 20, 2015

Sociopath Recordings Releases Bath Aide - Coral Park & Batashi - Closed Chapter

Sociopath Recordings, a worldwide electronica internet-label established in Taiwan, has released "Batashi - Closed Chapterand" Sociopath #014 and "Bath Aide - Coral Park," Sociopath #013:

Thursday, March 12, 2015

MASS / Droid Behavior presents w/ UNTOLD March 28th

Saturday 28th March 2015
MASS / Droid Behavior / Ascetic House presents UNTOLD
music by:
UNTOLD - Hemlock // UK
RAIZ - Droid Behavior . VRV  // LA
SOMALI EXTRACT - Ascetic House // LA
GANESA - Mass // LA

10-3AM | 18+

4067 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90019



About Untold:

An adventurous dubstep artist who incorporates dub, techno, and other genres into his bass-heavy music, U.K. producerJack Dunning originally believed his project Untold would work in the world of drum'n'bass. He began working on his own productions after attending the popular Metalheadznights at London's Blue Note in the mid- to late '90s, but perfectionism took over. Untold's jungle tracks would remain unreleased as Dunning continued to tinker with and refine the beats, but one night at the Digital Mystikz crew's DMZ party in Brixton turned him on to dubstep and, suddenly, Untoldjumped genres and got serious. After years in the making,Untold became official in 2008 when the track "Yukon" landed on Hemlock Recordings, the labelDunning co-founded with Andy Spencer. The label gave future dubstep star James Blake his first official release when Hemlock issued "Air and Lack Thereof" in 2009, then Blake would remix Untold's "Stop What You're Doing" later that same year. In 2012 Untold showcased the label by mixing the compilation Hemlock Recordings Chapter One.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Distant Dozings - Out Now! [free download available]

"Distant Dozings: An Audible Journey From Volterock," is now officially released! This is our first compilation and is currently available as a free download on bandcamp.

Visit this page and click/touch "Free Dowonload"

Some truly remarkable artists gathered together to take you on this journey:

  • Nahneen Kula
  • VoltageCtrlr
  • Squishy Flip
  • Final Sketch feat. rgLed
  • Producer Snafu
  • Zonra
  • Ned Rush
  • The Byte Stripes
  • Morpion
  • qebrus
  • HeavenlyFather
  • iameb 57
  • Nicholas Yochum
  • Atman's Unreal
  • fin2limb
  • Kelkco (designer of the album artwork) 
Listen to the short demo:
or download it now here

Radio of the Month (March): FNOOB

is the Volterock Radio of the Month!

FNOOB is the Volterock radio of the month featuring techno 24/7! They began in June, 2010 and support the true underground techno culture.

"Through its popularity, FNOOB's residents and owners have ventured into throwing parties in various venues around the world with the focus being on its community spirit ethos rather than commercial enterprise. 

FNOOB does not make profit and is privately run and funded. FNOOB also raises funds for maintenance costs through online donations, merchandise and event ticket sales, and minor sponsorship and advertising."

Listen here: http://www.fnoobtechno.com/

Follow and like:

Go here for previous Volterock radio shows and stations of the month.

Friday, February 27, 2015

NAMM 2015: Until Next Time

Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for NAMM
And that concludes our NAMM Show coverage for 2015 in Anaheim, California and it certainly was a remarkable year! Out of the 114 years of existence, The NAMM Show grew to the largest and most inclusive event in history with a 6% increase in exhibiting companies from last year!

This was also our 5th year of coverage, and the adventure gets more exciting every year!
See you next time!

- The Volterock Crew


M  O  O  G
Stevie Wonder couldn't pass up some Moog synths
This year, MOOG Inc. created their own enclosed gallery of synthesizers and pictures with a tribute to these classic synth wizards, legends in their own right:

In the center were a few classic modular synthesizers sometimes accompanied by a performance.

Here is Malcom Cecil performing, and yes, that is Eric Persing in the background 
enjoying his amazing talent:

Even Keith Emerson was gravitated towards the MOOG:

Bob Moog also built theremins
On the outside was this neon sign illuminating the mystery of what was within:

NAMM 2015: David Anthony, Stevie Wonder, Plastikman

Also spotted this year at the NAMM Show was:

David Anthony, recording engineer and DJ, was hanging out at the Music Marketing booth.

Listen to some of his mixes:


Music Marketing

Stevie Wonder
He was awarded the official Mayor of NAMM a few years ago. 
Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for NAMM

Hanging with the modular synthheads
Photo by Natefrogg