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Friday, April 18, 2014

Rob Clouth - New EP to be released April 28th, 2014!

Rob Clouth (previously known as "Vaetxh") will be releasing his new EP "Clockwork Atom" on April 28th, 2014 on Leisure System which will be available as a double-sided 12″ vinyl and high quality download in all popular physical and digital stores! They are currently teasing us with an upload of "Islands of Glass" : 


Also, a new game has been created by XRA in collaboration with Memory of A Broken Dimension and MethLab Agency which includes music by Rob Clouth, VHS Head, Broken Note, Valence Drakes, and many more!

Play: http://methlab-agency.com/blog/view/54/methlab-xra-interactive-project-launched.blog 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

How To Organize Your Sound Library

VFS Sound Design for Visual Media: Aquarium Recording CC2.0 Image Modified
Organizing your sound library may be a task of excruciating misery especially when you must start from scratch and re-organize from the beginning! This guide is created so you hopefully won't need to ever organize it again and presents a plethora of options available to you. Please comment below if you think we missed something!

First Rule:

The first "rule" seems to be: Whatever method will help you remember where your sounds are is the best method to use. If you're having a difficult time finding something, try a new method or maybe you just need to get to know your library a little better.

  1. How will you back-up everything later?
Will you need to separate some things to make it fit on another drive? Are some samples already on a hard drive or CDs and unnecessary to back-up? You probably don't want to back-up copies of sounds that you already have back-ups of to save space for things you do need back-ups of.

    2. What do you want your DAW to access for music creation and what should be ignored?

Is this sound always okay to use or should it be approached with caution?

Will I get sued if I use this sound? Separate these into two separate folders:
  • Ambiguous Royalty Sounds (sounds with ambiguous copyright rules). In this folder, you may also want these folders:
    • Sound libraries from friends
    • Collaborations: sounds you've made with other people while collaborating (ask your friend first before using)
    • Sounds from the internet with ambiguous permission
    • Sample libraries that require you to get permission first or have specific instructions if used
    • Acappellas or files from other remix projects or boot leg / white label stuff
    • Recorded vinyl samples or movie quotes
  • Free Use (because you purchased them, made them, or the license clearly says you can use them without restriction, they can be used with any project)
If you are creating something that needs to have sounds which are royalty free, you don't want your DAW or some other audio managing program searching within sounds which contain unclear copyright restrictions. Keep the folders separate.

    3. The size of your samples: Will you need more than 1 hard drive?

Figure out how much memory all of your sounds hold. Can they fit on one drive? Will some parts of the library grow over time and need extra space?
  • PC: Win + Enter or right click folder > properties
  • Mac: Apple + I
Usually orchestral sounds need to be on an entirely different drive unto itself because of the many gigs it uses. Also, if you have a sampler streaming the sounds directly off the hard drive, you may want to think about using more than one hard drive and breaking them up onto different drives so the sounds load faster.

Side note:

Personally, I think it is best to eventually extend out of your purchased and downloaded sounds and build your own original set of sounds. I think this should be something to strive for so you can be truly unique in your musical creations. Work on creating "Your Sound." You can maybe start organizing your sound library by having two folders like this:

  • My Sounds
  • Third Party Sounds
    • Ambiguous Royalty Sounds
    • Free Use

Eliot Han - Live Techno Mix with #FOFN

Vote for his mix here.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Radio of the Month (April): Techno Belligerent Radio

Techno Belligerent Radio is the Volterock Radio of the Month!
Based in Southern California, the Techno Belligerent crew was founded in 1995 and has grown into a netlabel and radio show. The Radio show is hosted and streamed by Ryan (Arcid) (LA-general area) and was est. 6/23/10. Some of the genres you will here consist of:
  • Hardcore 
  • Techno 
  • Gabber 
  • Breakcore
  • Terror 
  • Speedcore 
  • Techno 
  • House 
  • Dark/Hard Drum N Bass 
  • Schranz 
  • Hard Techno
The Techno Belligerent show is every Wednesday from 4-8pm PST/8-12am EST. Go here to listen: http://www.livestream.com/technobelligerent
Their next live show is April 18th at 4pm! Check in at the event page here.

T.B. as a netlabel- http://technobelligerent.bandcamp.com/album/techno-belligerent-comp-1

Techno-B (Boston) http://soundcloud.com/techno-b http://www.discogs.com/collection?user=Techno-B

Arcid (Los Angeles, CA) http://soundcloud.com/arcid http://www.mixcloud.com/arcid2 https://www.facebook.com/Arcid667

Novokain (Los Angeles, CA) http://soundcloud.com/djnovokain http://www.mixcloud.com/czar-novokain-gomez

Biingo Baango (Boston) https://soundcloud.com/olde-tyme-hardcore-techno

Follow them here: https://www.facebook.com/TechnoBelligerent

Go here for previous Volterock radio shows and stations of the month. 

The Do LaB Celebrates Their 10th Year in a Row at Coachella With Lucent Dossier!

Don't miss the Do LaB Stage this year at Coachella with Lucent Dossier. View the full line-up:

Award winning photographer/director August Bradley has capture Lucent Dossier in a way that will mesmerize your visual palate:

Daed Releases Debut Album "Programist" On Sofia-based label "Mozyk"

"Daed's first full length album 'Programist' will set the programming world ablaze with his dazingly sliced breaks and glitches of every color. Acid bleeps, textural ambiences and every breakbeat known to man are savantly placed and layered throughout this 46 minute odyssey, including remixes by other 'programists' such as Apparition, HosmOz and CCDM.
The creativity of the album is, from start to finish; a unique approach to the everlasting multi-genre universe of electronic music and is an impeccable addition to the 'Mozyk' catalog." 

Follow Daed: https://soundcloud.com/daed

MOZYK: http://www.mozyk.net/

BT and the Search for New Sound: Leap Motion App 'MUSE' Puts the Power to Create Music in Your Hands

BT and the Search for New Sound from Leap Motion on Vimeo.

When Grammy-nominated composer BT was just a kid, his music teacher told him that nothing new would ever happen in the industry again – that becoming a master involved artfully rehashing the past.

Thankfully, BT rejected this idea early on. While he honed his skills studying the classics, the outpourings of his imagination found inspiration in the everyday sounds most people overlook. The nighttime orchestra of insects. The meter of a grandfather clock. In order to rein the subtle beauty of these sounds into cohesive compositions, he realized he needed tools that didn't exist… yet.

BT knew that in order to bring the music in his head to life, he needed to place himself at the razor's edge of digital innovation – he needed to become a technologist.

Over 15 years later, in addition to composing music and recording albums of his own, BT has pushed the limits of musical technology into the records of industry giants – including the likes of Sting, Britney Spears, Peter Gabriel, and Madonna. When he discovered Leap Motion, he knew it was an instant fit. He also knew that he wanted to share his creative spark with the world.

That's why, along with Dr. Richard Boulanger of the Berklee College of Music, he created MUSE – a brand-new app that gives you the power to create and perform your own ambient music in the air with your hands above the Leap Motion Controller. MUSE lets you reach out and layer complex chord sets, intricate drum grooves, atmospheric sounds, and more using an intuitive cubic interface to transpose in any key.

Have you always fancied yourself a composer? Are you a seasoned musician looking for new inspiration? Leap Motion want to hear your best tracks. Record your MUSE creations, post on YouTube or Vimeo, and tweet them at @LeapMotion or share them on Facebook.


Facebook: www.facebook.com/bt
Twitter: www.twitter.com/bt
YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/TheBTchannel
Website: www.btmusic.com


Website: www.leapmotion.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/LeapMotion
Twitter: www.twitter.com/LeapMotion

iZotope and Beatport® Play Launch BT Producer Challenge

Catch BT's Ear with BreakTweaker™ and Win a Release on Armada Music

iZotope Inc., Cambridge, MA (April 8, 2014)
- iZotope Inc., a leading audio
technology company, and Beatport® Play, the leading remix contest platform, have partnered with BT to launch the BT Producer Challenge. Through May 5th, create an original piece of music using BreakTweaker, the future beat machine designed by BT and developed by iZotope, for a chance to release your track with Armada Music.

To enter this Beatport exclusive BT Producer Challenge, sign-in, download a free 10-day trial of iZotope BreakTweaker, and use it to create your own original track. BT will pick one lucky grand-prize winner as well as two runners-up. The grand prize package includes BreakTweaker Expanded, Stutter Edit, and Ozone 5, and an official release on Armada Music.

Ready to make your mark and become the next big name in dance music? Get started.