Remembering Qebrus (Thomas Denis)

The sad news came to us Tuesday,  February 6th, from Bedroom Research. Qebrus (Thomas Denis) had left this world.

He had been taking us to unforeseen sonic territory for over a decade, truly pushing the bar in sound design, he was very kind to allow us to include him in our first Distant Dozings compilation.

One of his earliest releases was with Vaatican Records, "Le Mystère Des Femmes Fontaines Label."

He also was supported with releases through Love Love Records, Detroit Underground, and 5YN7H Rec. He collaborated with amazing artists such as Valance Drakes, Mr. Bill and Otto von Schirach and was creating sound samples through his new project, Exonoiz.

One of his last shows was in Texas: DEFUNKT x Soundsystem Cultures Present: Hyperbole (12.18-12.19)

Snare Rush, an electronic music zine, just recently did an interview with him last month in Issue #3.

His music lives on: 

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