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"This is a function to mix the voice and music on a mixer ... and here it is also a radio show specialized in electronic music, presented by MkL and broadcast every Friday from 22h to 23h on the frequency fm 94Mhz (Channel B), or in stream 'and podcast / free download on
Also in podcast on:
- (Stream Mp3 320)
- (Stream and free dl Mp3 320)
In addition, on the facebook page, we do this little onions every week, with the artworks and links to allow you to easily find what caught you ... ----------------------
A lot of FREE DL offered by artists and labels, a lot of albums on donation (NAME YOUR PRICE on
TALK OVER IS SOLIDARITY AND REGULARLY GIVES ONE EURO PER CI TO SUPPORT THE INDEPENDENT ARTISTS AND LABELS.-------------------------------------------------- --------------------
Two slogans in talk over:
The show never ends as it started, without depriving itself to go through different paths ... (EXCEPTION MADE IN CASE OF "SPECIAL")-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------
Little talk in talk over!We leave a maximum of place to the music and we avoid to influence too much your appreciations, your judgment on the selection ...So the bare minimum on info (TITLES / ARTISTS / LABELS / DATE OUTS ... sometimes a little anecdote ... sometimes ...)(And no microphonic performance, we play it simple and clear)-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------
Also, we handle (generally) eclecticism with a certain coherence, so as to create a little "story" over the course of the show ...You can, for example, go all in "softness", from ambient to breakcore through the abstract, glitch and idm ...-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------
No "disposable" in talk over, we often go to the news but without chasing after so much ... we take pleasure in bringing out some "old" ...-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------
Talk over is intended for informed ears and / or people curious to discover, to listen to different streams of electronic music.
From dark to fun ...From downtempo to speedcore ...From simple to complexFrom seriousness to irony ...
I open myself to extreme possibilities!___________________________________________
That's ... thanks for reading ... listening and the growing interest in Talk Over, the electronic program with extreme possibilities!MKL

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