OC Remix Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary

"Today December 11th marks 15 YEARS since djpretzel posted the very first OC ReMix!
For our birthday, the presents are all for you!
Celebrate with us as we post FIFTEEN new OC ReMixes arranging games from 15 different systems! Over 1 HOUR of new mixes! GET!

We've also got a great piece up on The Onion A.V. Club today! 25 personal ReMix selections from djpretzel, Big Giant Circles, Chimpazilla, Danny Baranowsky, DarkeSword, Liontamer, Mazedude & zircon to get you combing through the archives!

For arrangers & listeners alike, whether you've been an OCR fan for 15 minutes or all 15 years, THANK YOU ALL for believing in video game music as an art form!"
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