Soundwalk in Long Beach

Soundwalk  will be held in Long Beach, California next week on Saturday October 1st and this time they will be exploring the concept of connectivity.
"SoundWalk is an ear-oriented art event produced annually by the Long Beach artist group, FLOOD. The evening operates under the concept of a five-hour audioscopic experience as provided by sound art located in various indoor and outdoor spaces situated in Downtown Long Beach. The artwork combines, in multiple ways, a wide range of media as well as other interplayful sensory elements. There are sculptures, environments, installations, both interactive and passive, as well as scheduled performances."

From their website:

"One of the youngest artistic genres to have approached maturation, sound art has yet to be fully recognized, in Southern California, by the gatekeepers of mainstream culture. It is FLOOD's aim, through this event, to raise awareness as well engender appreciation for art set forth in sound. It is also important that audiences, along with the larger community, are exposed to aesthetic sensibilities and innovative approaches that exist outside those of the contemporary mainstream."

A map for your sound art adventure: 

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