Remembering Argu

It has been five years since Juan Antonio Arguelles Rius (also known as Argu or Arguru) passed away. He lived in Spain and spent a lot of his time programming some excellent software including DirectWave and NoiseTrekker (which formed the basis for the very first version of Renoise). He even co-founded discoDSP (most known for Discovery and Vertigo) and helped develop Deckadance and FL Studio 7. He was very active in the Buzz community and helped make a free VST-Buzz adapter as well as many other machines for the freeware modular software studio, Jeskola Buzz. The beginnings of Psycle are attributed to him and he was also active at smartelectronix. He was developing his own tracker/sequencer hybrid named Aodix which is still available and his support forum is still open on the KVR forums.

He was also a psytrance producer in collaboration with Francisco Cobos Palomo (also known as Freaky) under the alias, "Alienated Buddha" and released an album named, "Inpsyde" in 2002.

Communities everywhere were impacted by the news of his passing on June 3rd, 2007 which included Image-lineKVRaudio, Guitarristas, and buzzmachines.

Deadmau5, also a programmer, made a song in memory of him named "Arguru"on his third album "Random Album Title."

Arguru was among the digital virtuoso and continues to be missed.
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