MA Research On Electronic Music Dance Styles

Diego Maranan has almost finished researching the different electronic dance music (EDM) dance styles, particularly liquid, digits, finger tutting, finger connect, and other related dance styles and will be releasing the results soon.
Maranan studied computing science and contemporary dance as an undergraduate and is currently a graduate student at the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University.

"When I first started watching online videos of liquid and other dance styles (digits, finger tutting, finger connect…) and browsing through some of the discussions that were on their online forums, I noticed how sophisticated, expressive, and rich the movement vocabularies were. Compared to other forms of dance, including other kinds of urban dance, liquid and related styles seem to have a unique and multifaceted relationship with technology and computation.

Then I started meeting a few liquid dancers online and started exchanging ideas with them. I really felt that they had unique, sophisticated ideas around dance, movement, space, and the body. Their ideas really appealed to my previous experiences in computer science and contemporary dance. I learned that some members of the community have identified fundamental building blocks of their movement techniques, described exercises that would help strengthen these fundamental techniques, continuously reflect on the current state of the art, and were bringing influences from other movement practices into their personal exploration of dance.

What I’d like to do through this research is provide one set of perspectives as influenced by the ideas from the academic research and artistic communities I am part of. I’ll also be posting links, videos, and writings in this site’s blog that I hope might interesting to dancers from the EDM dance community and other participants of this study."

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