Hal Flavin

Hal Flavin may be the most original band yet now emerging out of Luxembourg. What you get is an edgy electro-rock band, grit, dirt and all, who hang their stage with a futuristic dangle of cables, effects and finery, as if prepared for some strange ritual of the soul. The blood flowing through those jacks and data chips seems pumped from the Indie and Electro-roots of their teens, with live energy to match. And if references are not music to your ears - once you get hooked on one of their pop-driven melodies, you'll be all fired up... with no questions asked. They were founded in 2007 by indie-punk musicians busy with installation art and stage scores, soon to be completed by two pure-blood groove lovers on bass and drum. Since the release of their first EP, 'The Talk', they write and produce as a four-piece and have shared the stage with Metronomy, Delphic, Kraftwerk and Does It Offend, You Yeah, to name but a few. 

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