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SOUNDTRACK FOR THE APOCALYPSE is a full length album by the electronic based, zYnthetic. From Atlanta, Georgia, zYnthetic delivers on this releases name sake, fashioning music from a futuristic war torn landscape. Packing tons of raw power and dark finesse, SOUNDTRACK FOR THE APOCALYPSE keeps the listener thoroughly engaged from start to finish.

The album opens powerfully with a guitar tone and groove pacing on Abandon v3 that alternates in prominence from track to track, for the most part, with textural, electronically infused, post apocalyptic atmospheres. Abandon v3 is a hard hitting, in your face, quick moving track that sets a very clear precedence and cadence for the rest of SOUNDTRACK FOR THE APOCALYPSE. Bled Dry is an intense sprint, running away without looking back as mutagenetic foe pursues in a feverish haste; frantically ducking, dodging, and weaving through narrow corridors in avoidance of this hostile adversary. Intricately synchronized percussion and synthesis constructs a hostile rhythm, provoking the listener with the apprehension of being swarmed in upon. Forceful beat and skillfully manufactured rhythm develop rapidly in Defection, as this track implements a speedy and detailed composition. Defection melds ambiance, melody, and rhythm, succinctly emphasizing the listener’s blackened sonic surroundings.

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