NAMM 2015: Roger Linn Design

Roger Linn has created the LinnStrument!

During a live performance, the keyboard will quite often become static and lifeless. With this 200 pad - all seamless among each pad and arranged like a stringed instrument - MIDI controller, you can take your sonic expression to new levels! It even includes full customization of open source software!
"Unlike a MIDI keyboard's simple on/off switches, LinnStrument's patent-pending multi-touch technology captures three dimensions of each finger's movement, polyphonically, for a far greater degree of musical expression than can be achieved on a MIDI keyboard. In addition to providing standard strike velocity, typically finger pressure (Z axis) is used to vary note loudness, finger left-right (X axis) movement is used to vary pitch, and finger forward-backward (Y axis) movement is used to vary timbre."

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