Distant Dozings - Out Now! [free download available]

"Distant Dozings: An Audible Journey From Volterock," is now officially released! This is our first compilation and is currently available as a free download on bandcamp.

Visit this page and click/touch "Free Dowonload"

Some truly remarkable artists gathered together to take you on this journey:

  • Nahneen Kula
  • VoltageCtrlr
  • Squishy Flip
  • Final Sketch feat. rgLed
  • Producer Snafu
  • Zonra
  • Ned Rush
  • The Byte Stripes
  • Morpion
  • qebrus
  • HeavenlyFather
  • iameb 57
  • Nicholas Yochum
  • Atman's Unreal
  • fin2limb
  • Kelkco (designer of the album artwork) 
Listen to the short demo:
or download it now here

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