CAST-002 Is Releasing: Axkan / Pinion / Dolgener / iFormat

"In the CAST tradition, includes 4 far reaching and artist signature tracks from Axkan, Pinion, Dolgener and iFormat.

// Axkan delivers a highly experimental and punishing work for CAST. A dark environment is developed through the use of analog machines droning and screaming in the background whilst the beats tease the listener by never pushing over the edge of anticipation. Great builder to open with.

// Pinion delivers us back in time with his CAST. Classic sound, acid drenched, broken beat madness with a timeless approach. There isn't much more to say besides expect to find this tune popping up in a warehouse near you.

// Dolgener delivers a peak time floor smasher with his CAST. Relentless and unforgiving in every sense. Top notch distortion and noise atop heavy pummeling beats lead to a breakdown and build which will ensure the dance floor turns into a riot.

// iFormat delivers a dark brooding basement track for his CAST. This grungy piece contains syncopated hooks, dusty drums and stomping bass drums which create a type of hypnosis for the dance floor.

Available November 6th, 2015 
as a limited edition 12" Vinyl and digitally:

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