Volterock Review has now become, "VOLTEROCK ANOMALOUS." 
This blog has been redesigned with a new focus and we hope you also enjoy the new look! 

Volterock Review is now an entirely new blog, separate from this one, that will focus more on music gear, software, apps, technological advancements, and music that is more "above ground." You can visit Volterock Review here:

Volterock Anomalous will now fully focus on digging even deeper into the depths of hidden cultures both audibly and visually while giving exposure to the unseen urban adventurers and sonic underdogs.

All previous resources are still present and available as seen in the tabs at the top of the blog focusing on the pure history, art forms, and amazing people of electronic music culture:
Also, a new tab has been made: "CONTRIBUTORS." Please visit this section and support the hard working authors and photographers that help keep this blog alive.

And, one last thing! Visit our HOMEPAGE to discover the core of our existence with all original content and music releases! There is a lot more we do besides blogging.

We hope you all have a fantastic new year! Please, let us know your thoughts on the new design and anything else you have on your mind! We are a friendly bunch and would love to get to know you in the forum:

- The Volterock Crew
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