EDWARD PAUL QUIST (Embryoroom) . The Black Vertebrate: Now Open!

24 March – 24 April, 2016  
NOW OPEN 6-8pm

Edward Quist (aka embryoroom) is a multidisciplinary artist who works as a director, screenwriter, producer, composer, sound designer, photographer and documentarian. Themes from Edward Paul Quist's (embryoroom's) work include sound design, experimental narrative and the exploration of electronic and biomorphic imagery. Meeting at the intersection of the subconscious and so called reality, the artist employs a radical use of Cinéma vérité, which is frequently simultaneously nightmarish and seductively beautiful.  Quist's work is unclassifiable and stripped of the conventions of genre. His unorthodox use of intensive mesmerizing visuals through motion graphic manipulation and his fast-paced digital video and pulsating soundscapes, make for an immersive and overwhelming experience..

At The Chamber, one of Macie Gransion’s four salons, Macie Gransion introduces the artist’s new video work, "The Black Vertebrate.”

At Macie Gransion’s Noir, one of the salons under development, Quist will show "The Black Vertebrate,” augmented by live electronics. Performances by Embryoroom, Article Collection and 51717 will close out the night.

Edward Paul Quist was born in 1976 in Brooklyn New York, where he continuous to live and work. He has exhibited and performed globally including: MoMA PS1 (New York), Washington Art Center, Kunsthalle Wien (Vienna), Museum of Contemporary Art (Helsinki), Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, Kiasma Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci (Milan), Museo del Fumetto di Milano, Warsaw Center for Contemporary Art, The Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival, Sónar Festival (Barcelona), Avanto Festival (Helsinki), Dissonanze festival (Rome), Tampere Film Festival, The Milan Film Festival, and Iknost (Malmö).  

The Black Vertebrate 
33 Minutes 
Video / Sound 
Edward Paul Quist   

Sinister, pulsating, and primal, The Black Vertebrate is the next level in experimental film, environment, and sound. A vortex of geometry and motion swarm a holographic “spine”, an undulating totem of the last remnants of humanity in an A.I. nightmare.

In recent interview:

“Titled "The Black Vertebrate", it's an overture for the next phase of output. It touches on, at its core, a certain darkness that is both amorphous, in the space of a void being reigned in, and highly structured, with the spine entity continually transformed, and its other subject, or anthropomorphic figure, caged. This is Artificial Intelligence with psychosis. Visually it is the most intense work to date. The imagery was developed over the past two years or so, and sections of the soundtrack, which are mostly bioelectronic driven reach back much further. The other side of the project is environmental.”        
    --Ed Paul Quist, VOLTEROCK

The Chamber 
Derek Gruen  

Edward Paul Quist 
Concept Design
"For Macie Gransion Club, Derek Gruen designed and i concept designed the first section of the club, called The Chamber. It's an immersive installation environment that acts as a viewing room, and sensory space. The room reflects the film (The Black Vertebrate) to some degree. It features several sculptural volumes; one set called the lungs, and the other the spine.  

One of the conceptual sources is a Japanese meditation chamber in a prison execution block. The room has all together been a large effort, and we have had to keep it under wraps for some time. It's good to be able to start to reveal what’s been occupying so much time and creative energy. I think the results have been quite satisfying."
    --Ed Paul Quist, VOLTEROCK 

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