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8BITZ was created in 2008 by Alejandro Rotela, with the idea of ​​creating an alternative means of communication, in which they can listen to new music, with another concept and free ideas. In 2009 Pablo Saavedra adds, and so the formula which is called 8BITZ RADIO is completed, (passing the name of OCHOBITZ, to 8BITZ RADIO) creating an aesthetic graphics and taking another structure as a program. Also mutating sound, it became a program of various genres in which you can hear from Drum and Bass and Chipstyle to Deep House and Techno classic. Time passed and it happened all, we receive giants scene like Mr. Replicante AKA Dee Jason, John Benedetti AKA Jam On, John Pryor, Portable Aka Bodycode (Perlon), Erphun (Brood Audio), Club Rayo, Violett, Gurtz, Jey Pee Razz, Diego Cid, and many more, who were participating as guests and making 8BITZ go becoming a benchmark in Argentina under. In 2012 Lionel Oliver, who added the fee was missing, the newspaper column 8BITZ RADIO, making interviews are much more fluid and fresh, with him missing gear to be the perfect engagement team. Similarly, we also received in the last half of season 4 Joker Sio who is most to add a program to the grid, West Side Wild Style, where I make an online streaming audio and video of 7 hours to deploy their wide punting and present the best artists of the west (and other dollars). Currently, returning to the roots is the general director Alejandro Rotela middle, and Nico B engage in conduct of 8Bitz Live and bookings, Alejandro Calomino in web programming and curator of the APP 8Bitz and Pablo Saavedra on the part of graph. Along with new proposals, live broadcasts from different parts of Buenos Aires, video programs, 8BITZ becomes totally renovated with many surprises and a great deal of music in this eighth season. Our intention is to continue to generate the link between artists of different kind, and listeners who are looking the same as us, be connected by our passion, music, generated in different ways, digital reproduced or analogously and different styles, but with a thing in common ... the love for her.

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