FL Studio 10 Officially Released!

I am very excited to announce the release of FL Studio 10!  Download it here. If you choose to buy it, you get a 10% discount with free life-time updates using this link. It also looks like you can still name your price for Newtone and Pitcher!

One of the most notable additions is the Newtone and Pitcher which are very similar to Celemony's Melodyne and Antares' Auto-Tune. Synths and other tools used inside FL that are built by the FL developers are often more flexible -- for instance you can use the full capacity of the piano roll features like glissando. One of the main reasons I love FL Studio is that you can talk to the owners and developers directly and they listen to you! This is why I believe FL is becoming the photoshop of sound and you can do amazing things like use the wave editor (Edison) as an instrument.

FL Studio 10 Notable Changes

FL Studio 10 incorporates a number of enhancements and new features based on ongoing development and customer input, including:

-64 Bit plugin wrapper - FL Studio now hosts 64 Bit VST plugins for access to unlimited memory.
-Revised Mixer - Wide Mixer tracks. Fully Automatic Plugin Delay Compensation (A-PDC). Waveform meter view.
-Autosave / Autobackup - Don't lose a project or data again.
-Revised Playlist - Individually resizable tracks. Lock tracks to Clips. Live performance time Marker options (Jump to, Loop, Pause & Skip)
-Revised Piano roll - Export as sheet music option. Vertical zoom with not properties view. Magic lasso selection & note-handle stretch. Edit ghost notes by double Right-click. Waveform view.
-Pattern Picker - opens from the Playlist, Piano roll or Stepsequencer. Select Patterns & Channels.
-Patcher  (free) - create complex instrument & effects chains ready for quick recall in new projects.
-ZGameEditor Visualizer (free) - visualization effect with movie render capability.  
-Pitcher (demo) - real-time correction/harmonization plugin responds to Piano roll note control.
-Newtone (demo) - pitch correction editor for precise control, pristine quality stretching, re-pitching and correction.
-Keep on disk & 32 Bit Bridge - now gives each Audio Clip / Sampler Channel / Plugin access to at least 2 GB memory and up to 4 for VST Plugins.
-Fruity Edition - now gains access to Playlist Pattern Clips.
-Lifetime Free Updates - have been extended to all FL Studio 10 box purchases onward.

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