Koom The Ripper

With immense passion at the forefront, Koom The Ripper is making more than a ripple in the hip-hop scene. He released his first album just a few months ago called, "American Muscle" (Get it here) and has a few live shows coming up in NYC and Manhattan this week! (Check his twitter account for details). He comes right out of Los Angeles with a massive vision and is not afraid to tell it like it is. He recently did an interview with WWS Magazine. Here's a preview:
"WWS: What suggestions do you have for other artists like yourself?
Koom the Ripper: There’s something that makes you unique, so bring that to your music. Take risks in hip hop, it’s your perspective. Don’t listen to everyone’s opinion, either. Listen to those who want you to succeed, your close ones. Speak about things that others either don’t think about, or don’t want to say, because they’re afraid. Be a pioneer, but make sure the listener feels your music. To be different, you can’t go with the flow, you’ve got to explore new ground."

"'I’m Asian' isn’t a song about other ethnicities oppressing Asian people. It’s meant to inspire different ethnic groups to unite, and not cut each other down. In politics, the Independents don’t win elections; they group with the Democrats to have more influence. The Tea Party is not a force by itself; but with the Republicans, they make moves. Russell Simmons didn’t bring hip hop to the mainstream by himself; he had Rubin, he had distribution, diverse projects which came together.

We don’t get anywhere by quibbling over minor differences. Same concept here, we have to be a group to improve things, not “I’m Indian, you’re Paki, Korean, etc.” Most people I know, just want to make money, take vacations, and buy fancy things. They could care less about growing as a unit; they just want their piece, and peace! It’s a struggle every week, to remind myself that I’ll earn money to share my perspectives and help people grow, through sound." Click here to read the full interview.

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