Rare Album From An Obscure Artist: Ploid - Underwater Engineering

During the month of November, year 2009, FuhNetIk and md5fungi sonically amalgamated to form  "ploid." Lamentably, this collaboration quickly dissipated with only one album completed named "Underwater Engineering." Experimental in nature with glitches and bleeps galore and melodies of distance, this album was never officially released. Fortunately for you, it is still circulating the internet and is available for download to anyone interested.

Click here to download the album.

As described by md5fungi, "It features ambient mayhem and robotic insanity."

Track Listing:

1. Pule One
2. Underwater Engineering
3. Gloss
4. Sleeping Monk
5. My Favorite Squid (Plasm)
6. Shells and Some Voices
7. Puerility
8. Treble Drops
9. Auguste
10. Simple Economics (FuhNetIk)
11. Lukewarm Residue
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