Horse The Band and Drinks LIVE recap January 8, 2012

RAW AURAL CARNAGE. That is Horse The Band best explained, the true originators of Nintendocore/Nintendo Rock/Nerdcore/Video Rock. Nathan Winneke holds the mic, making a fist, as he commands the wind. Erik Engrstom scratches at the keys like a possessed hyena laughing at his foes. David Isen wields his stringed sword with a smile of honor. And Daniel Pouliot pummels the ground with every blow leaving an endless rippled beat into the outer-forever-sphere. When I think of a "live show," I think of Horse The Band. This is a band that you MUST see if they are in your city. Here is but a drop of the tumultuous hurricane experience in written form. First, it began with the psychedelic indie space rock band "Drinks," a noble sonic entry:

And then, all was unleashed: 

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