NAMM 2012 - moog

The legendary Moog Music Inc. (completely separate from the Bob Moog Foundation which I high recommend supporting) continues on with three more new surprises. As many know, they have recently entered the app world with Filtatron and Animoog (pictured in the front) but they continue their well known hardware innovations. Now let's walk forward and get a closer look.

Here we have the new "Minitaur," a compact plug and play analog bass synth with no menus to mess with. Inside it includes: 

  • 100% Analog Signal Path
  • Classic Moog Ladder Filter
  • Two Minimoog Style ADSR Evnelope Generators for VCA and VCF
  • Wide-range LFO with Controls for Rate, VCO LFO Amount, and VCF LFO Amount
  • Analog Control Inputs for Pitch, Filter, Volume and Gate
  • External Audio Input

Now step back a bit and here we have a demonstrated synth turned to multi-polyphony through each added rackmount. All nobs move in sync with the master keyboard. 

Move to the right of the booth and inside this api lunchbox, you will see "The Ladder." 

The possibilities include: 
  • Add Analog warmth and body to any sound
  • Create explosive, percussive and otherworldly textures
  • Transform and create new sounds
  • De-ess vocals
  • Compression like filtering
  • De-screech acoustic guitar
  • Remove edge from digital synths and electric guitar 
  • Fix things a compressor and EQ can't
  • Instant reggae and monster bass tone 

And to finish it off, something not quite as new: The Moogerfooger effects modules. 

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