The History of Acid House / Genesis'88 - Smiley Face History

I found this amazing blog the other day which was created by one of the original Acid House founders, Wayne Anthony from Genesis'88. The promoters, Genesis'88, threw some of the first Acid House/Rave parties in the UK from 1988-1992. To get you started, here is an interesting article on the history of the smiley face. There is also a facebook page where you can see some of the original flyers (example on the left). Also, click here, and take a trip back to the sounds of the old skool at Genesis'88 Radio. Below is Wayne himself discussing what it was like:

"The very nature of this subject means that all Blog Posts are relevant to the creation, building and foundation of what today is globally sanctioned as the Rave Scene. The word Rave actually predates the 1980s, some believe it was brought to the UK by members of the West Indian community in the 1950s. So for us this term had no connection to what was formulating in Europe.

Acid House was fresh new and exciting we wouldn't name it after something our parents attended. That would be NO! Whats my connection with all this? My two partners and i staged the Genesis'88 events 1988-90 and crashed dozens of warehouses in the name of Acid House. Genesis'88 along with their contemporaries organised the biggest illegal Acid House parties in the history of Great Britain. I penned some of our experiences in cult status book Class of 88 - The True Acid House Experience. Secondhand copies of this book sell on Amazon for up to $400. You can get the updated version for £12.99"
- Wayne Anthony

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