Los Angeles Rave History Documentary In The Making

Xavier De Enciso is currently in the process of creating "Through The Looking Glass: a Journey through Los Angeles' Rave History" beginning in the mid 1980s. There is no finalized date yet for its release (most likely sometime in 2013). If you have any content to share and contribute to this project, they started a facebook group: Click here.

 "Public Works Collective presents "Through The Looking Glass: a Journey through Los Angeles' Rave History" [an independent documentary] pre-production (USA) Because this project is categorized as being in pre-production, the content in the group info may change. If you want to add pictures or fliers to our group, please forward background information pertaining to them such as date, event, location, etc. Much obliged! Again, we are a collective of impassioned individuals who believe our rave history needs to be told by those who lived it and cultivated it. We have already received support from significant DJs/promoters/ flier designers/old schoolers and new school people alike. We are not here to disagree about who, where, what...we will let those who lived it share their experience. We want to share this film project with the world and show how special our L.A. underground rave culture was when it first emerged in the mid 1980s. Unlike others cities like Chicago, Detroit, and New York, Los Angeles was unique in that it forged one of the first rave cultures in the U.S. Our history will be told. Raving in L.A. during its early years was amazing, and an experience all in its own. It has since influenced various electronic music scenes in Los Angeles today, thus, it's important to tell the story of how it all began. Enough time has passed where reflection and historical data can be analyzed and documented. The time is now! This will be a long journey but will be worth the time and effort. So join us for the ride. For those of you who we have not contacted yet, we will soon. Stay tuned. Peace, Love, Unity, Respect......to all." -Public Works Collective

 Xavier still DJ's up to this present day. Here is one of his recent mixes on Riders of the Plastic Groove:

Click here to learn more about electronic music history in California and around the world.
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