Josh McClintock - Underground Classics

Josh McClintock (Curious Josh, Joshua,Josh from NY) started DJing in the summer of '91. Hugely inspired by West coast legends Doc Martin, Barry Weaver, Mr Buzz (Acid Hits), and the Wicked Crew he fell in love with the underground acid house sound and would push this sound forward in his sets.
He was fortunate enough to have some really cool friends that nurtured his DJing early on and he began to have his on style. His parents were pretty cool too...letting him have many parties at his house (plus being able to bang it out loud all day) which helped as well.The first party he spun at was a going away party for Ron D Core in '92. A residency at Middle Earth (along with Dj's Markem X, David Alvarado, Frank C, and Tom Stimuli) followed later that year. But it wasn't until he started to release his "Acid Junky" mixtape series

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