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Izalith is a music project based out of Seattle, Washington specializing in creating uniquely textured soundscapes and atmospheres. Their music flows in a very lucid way, engaging the listener and taking them on a journey through waves of sonic emotion. Featuring an array of musical techniques blended in a refreshing and satisfying way, Izalith’s music certainly does not come out and blurt its “message” in your face but rather expresses their meaning through a building, cascading, and relenting of subtleties. There is a certain dark quality about their music that conveys an almost disturbing pain, which becomes deeply resonate to the listener.

Izalith has self released two full length albums, Gnomon and Nemozin. Gnomon is an album that preys on its listeners; frequently manipulating them with a building of anticipation that continues to rise into powerful guitar fueled astral explosions. A blending of ambience and innovative instrumentation techniques moves the music along in a tide of alien like static frequency. Gnomon features the track Wilhelm, which is introduced by the heavily atmospheric track Irradiation. Irradiation drops into Wilhelm with a persistent drum line that sets the groove. Gradually a dissonance of guitars and ethereal vocals swell into a motivating propulsion that tears a rift into another dimension, launching the listener helplessly somewhere unknown.

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