Mr. Bill & Tom Cosm Collaborate: Free Download + Production Demonstration

Mr. Bill & Tom Cosm came together to form "Estrogin & Tonic," a sonic journey used as part of their 'Producers' Show Off Corner.

"The idea behind the group is that everyone screencasts themselves working on tracks (without talking, unlike a tutorial video) and shares it with the group.  In doing this we can see how everyones realtime workflow differs and also pick up lots of the little strange tricks people use whether it be a nice little shortcut, or just a faster way of doing something, or the way they approach a new section etc. So in a way it's like a new form of tutorial that's based on explaining something that's really not very explainable through words: how to be creative, keep a fast paced workflow and get tracks finished."

Download this track here: 

See how it was made:

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