NAMM 2014: Corning's Optical Cables

"Optical Cables by Corning unleash the brilliance of light to connect computers and peripherals at speeds up to 5 Gb/s through USB, up to 10 Gb/s through Thunderbolt™ technology, or up to 20GB/s through ThunderboltTM 2 technology. Utilizing cutting-edge optical fiber technology, they can maintain that speed over much longer distances than traditional copper cable. Optical Cables by Corning are thin, light, and remarkably tough. They can be bent, squeezed, and tangled.

When compared with traditional copper connections, the choice is clear — Optical Cables by Corning are longer, tougher, thinner, and lighter. The future of device connectivity flows through Optical Cables by Corning."

See the difference ^

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