Whisperings Solo Piano Radio Announces All-Star Concert and Awards Ceremony

Whisperings Solo Piano Radio Announces
All-Star Concert and Awards Ceremony

Music fans are invited to come and enjoy an evening of storytelling and song with some of today's most talented piano players and composers.

January 14, 2014, Costa Mesa, CA Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio, an Internet radio broadcast enjoyed by nearly a million listeners every month, is proud to announce the Whisperings Solo Piano All Star Concert and Awards Ceremony. Taking place on Sunday, January 26th, 2014, 3:00 PM in the Grand Ballroom of the beautiful Avenue of the Arts Hotel (3350 Avenue of the Arts) in Costa Mesa, CA, the event will feature live performances, an awards ceremony and more.

"A Whisperings concert is a true event," shares Whisperings founder David Nevue. "It's a montage of personalities, performance styles, humor and joy." The Whisperings Solo Piano All Star Concert and Awards Ceremony will not only feature music, but the stories behind the songs, too. Laughter, improvisation and audience participation are all part of the show.

Dozens of artists played on Whisperings radio will be in attendance, and the concert will feature performances by fifteen listener-favorite Whisperings piano artists including Joe Yamada, Louis Landon, Chad Lawson, Christine Brown and more. The concert will also feature performances from each of the Whisperings Album of the Year nominees: Dave Kydd, Michele McLaughlin, Joe Bongiorno, Michael Logozar, Kimberly StarKey and Ryan Marvel. The winner of the Album of the Year will be announced at the end of the concert.

Nevue continues, "We encourage families to come, especially if you have kids who are aspiring pianists. After the concert, parents will be delighted to find their kids practicing the piano with renewed enthusiasm! Even if you don't consider yourself a fan of piano music, you're going to be surprised how much you enjoy the concert."

Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio is an Internet radio broadcast that has vaulted a community of artists long since forgotten by major record labels back into the ears of consumers. Launched in August of 2003 by award-winning pianist David Nevue, Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio enjoys the participation of over 250 solo piano artists from all over the world. The program was the first radio broadcast to exclusively feature solo piano music 24/7.

Tickets are $30 and can be purchased online at www.SoloPianoAwards.com. An artist meet-and-greet will take place after the concert.

For more information regarding The Whisperings Solo Piano Awards All-Star Concert, visit www.SoloPianoAwards.com. Listeners can tune into Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio 24/7 at www.SoloPianoRadio.com.
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