undocument's Top Nine: Audio Compression Tips & Tricks From Around The Web




"Now that I've finally finished up mixing and mastering my newest album Pleasures (which should be out next month!), I can confidently say: I will never stop learning about music production.

There's just so much going on in the world of audio engineering; from phasing to proper (and improper!) mic placement, to correct effect sending and more...but there's nothing as baffling to beginners and intermediate producers alike as the concept of (*cue horribly over compressed scary music*) Compression.

This month, as part of my court obligated work release program, I've come up with a short list of some of my favorite tips and tricks for using, abusing and understanding compression from all over the internet. It's by no means a complete analysis, more like a hodgepodge of some of the better tutorials out there, but I'm sure there's more than a trick or two here that you might want to use on your next track.

So reset your ratio for learning and squash the threshold for fun and lets get started on this month's Top Nine: Audio Compression Tips & Tricks From Around The Web."

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