Radio of the Month (October): PROTON RADIO

is the Volterock Radio of the Month! 

Founded by Sam Packer, Proton Radio has been supporting electronic music at its roots since 2001! Its constant dedication to a wide variety of genres and commitment to the underground deserve our support. Over the course of their existence, legislation on internet licensing/broadcasting fees have changed therefore making the task of maintaining the website and servers financially feasible only through donations in order to keep the station free.
"Our goal: To bring together the electronic music community by fostering growth and inspiring creativity with the latest technology.

Proton Radio is internet broadcasting's gold standard for underground dance music. With a steadfast dedication to provide listeners with the absolute highest quality programming and an emphasis on introducing lesser-known talents, Proton has cultivated an audience of thousands of daily listeners from locations around the globe since 2001. Tune in. Sit back. And enjoy our 100+ original shows, broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Proton is listener supported radio. In order for Proton to live on we need your support! We ask our fans to consider a donation by clicking on the PayPal link so that we may continue to broadcast free of charge.

Listeners can also support the station by purchasing music from our music label or subscribing to our On Demand service. Please help keep Proton alive, make a donation, large or small, today!"

Visit Proton Radio here: 

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