Interview: Jason Bentley On Reddit (AMA)

Jason Bentley, host of EDMBiz and music director for KCRW, does an AMA on reddit:

I've heard that you were part of a group of DJs and artists who lobbied the Recording Academy to include electronic music for the Grammy Awards and later became part of the L.A. Chapter Board. Could you tell us more about how this came about and who else was involved? Was BT part of it too? What was it like being on the LA Chapter board for the Recording Academy?

Yes, BT was an important voice in that process. He's always had great ideas for the Grammy community. I think it just began with a conversation among the dance fans involved in the Grammy's to lobby for an album credit as a matter of respect for the scene we cared so much about. Overall, being involved in the Grammy's has been amazing just in meeting people from all points of the music world.

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