NAMM 2016: Nahneen Kula, Tuby Boots, Richard Devine, EveAnna Manley, Erika Earl

Behold! Humans spotted during the NAMM adventures!

You may recognize this name from the first Distant Dozings compilation. Nahneen Kula (Charlene - center) will be releasing her first album very soon! We highly recommend you check her website regularly and download the three teaser tracks she has here.

To the right of Charlene is Erika Earl director of hardware engineering at Slate and EveAnna Manley to the left.

Who is this wielding the custom AEA light saber from the galactic realms?! It's Sammy Rothman, bassist of Tubby Boots! They also have an album on its way, but for now, get their EP here.

And here we have someone who needs no introduction, Richard Devine! If you haven't checked out DEVSND, you should.
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