Unit Shifter Compilation One

Artist: Various
Title: Compilation One
Catalouge number: USLP01
Label: Unit Shifter
Style: Electronic
Origin: Copenhagen, Denmark
Format: Digital download and vinyl Release date: February 18th, 2016

Unit Shifter is a new Copenhagen based record label which aims to release great music by established artists as well as newcomers to the electronic music scene. The frst release "Compilation One" is an album featuring previously unreleased tracks by heavyweights such as Bjørn Svin and Karsten Pfum, while introducing newcomers like Motorwrists, Night:Dweller and Ekkofok to the scene.

All tracks on the album were hand picked and the album is meant to be a complete listening experience, taking the listener on a journey through various styles and takes of instrumental electronic music. From downtempo to techno, to drum and bass to experimental and ambient, there should be something here for everyone.


Side A begins with Bjørn Svin's "Sifumela", a dynamic composition which starts off with a a deep half-tempo dubstep-type groove with unexpected twists and turns while ending up in a synth symphony backed by sounds reminiscent of ancient human voices. Odd Harmonics "Sarangi of Light" kicks the tempo up into drum and bass territory, using deep basslines and samples from the Sarangi, a traditional South Asian string instrument. The third tune Motorwrists' "Fltrfk" could very well be the perfect braindance anthem with its wonky bass sound, weird zaps over its funky beat and peculiar breakdowns. Motorwrists himself calls this genre "krautrockdisco" which seems to be a perfect description. Karsten Pfum's track is a melodic and hard-hitting tune in typical Pfum style complete with lush synths, heavy drums, punchy bass, enchanting synth melodies all made on Pfum's hardware based setup. Asynkron closes side A with the track "Apnø_FM". The track is full of frantic IDM breaks, sci-f melodies and has several spastic breakdowns before twitching into silence just early of the 3-minute mark.

Side B kicks off with Night:Dweller's beautiful track "Gates of Conscience". Fans of Boards of Canada will be right at home among the lovely melodies, glitchy percussion sounds and lush pads. E-45's "Sverige" (which means Sweden in Danish) follows with a long and deep journey into nature and was actually written and recorded by the duo in a cabin out in the Swedish wilderness. Mads Emil Nielsen's "Distance" is a haunting piece with crackling and ricocheting percussion loops and deep modular synth sounds. "Asteroids Play" by Russian Corvette draws on generative synthesis techniques with its melancholic and fragile synths sounds casually weaving in and out of each other. Ekkofok closes the album with "40 BPM (take 3)", a dreamy ambient journey through time and space recorded in one take on his homebuilt synthesizers and effect machines.

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