Acoustic/Electronic Hybrid Drumhead By Aquarian Drumheads

Thanks to the spectacularly amazing outstanding remarkable drummer Matt Johnson (who in fact taught me how to play the drums. Watch him play here), I was able to visit Aquarian Drumheads today and try out a new product they are testing called inHEAD. It is an acoustic/electronic hybrid drumhead that completely eliminates the unnatural feel of an electronic pad. It sounded exactly like a regular snare hit but with the added digital functionality. While I played on the head, I completely forgot it was triggering an electronic signal! It will allow you to play traditionally with only the lush acoustic transients or you can choose to mute it and play like a traditional quiet electronic kit OR you can do both, allowing for an acoustic and an electronic sound of your choice to hybridize your performance! It was also good to know that it will be compatible with all manufacturer’s electronic trigger drum modules.
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The entire staff was very friendly and showed great passion in creating the best tools for all drummers around the world. Read the story of how Roy Burns and Ron Marquez brought Aquarian Drumheads into existence.
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