EM Culture: The Virtual Pop Singer Hatsune Miku Performs Live

You're watching anime. You love it so much. The characters are so intriguing with their wild yet perfectly arranged flowing hair and elegantly dressed attire from the latest virtual fashions. For a moment you dream of hanging out with them IRL... perhaps a live concert even. But then you wake up only to realize... Oh snap, it's real! And it's in your neighborhood!
A few weeks ago here in Los Angeles, California, a rising star named Hatsune Miku, most popular among Japanese pop culture, performed for anime enthusiasts everywhere. But, who exactly is Hatsune Miku? She is part digital animation, part 3D hologram, and yes she is somewhat human in audio form at least. Her voice was sampled from a professional voice actress named Saki Fujita. Miku's creators are Crypton Future Media who developed the now world famous voice. Anyone can do their own synthetic voicing manipulation through this program developed by them called Vocaloid. There is also a somewhat similar freeware application called Utau.

Watch Hatsune Miku perform: 

She even sings her own rendition of the popular Finnish quartet, "Ievan Polkka / Loituma" most popularized by the internet meme "Loituma Girl / leek spin" :

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