Gear Lust Season

Once again, it's gear lust season. The holidays are upon us and NAMM 2012 is on the horizon. Many hate the consumerist mentality and rightly so. A good musician is quite often one who masters what they have as opposed to obtaining more things. But, there is always a beginning. Where would we be now without Robert Moog, Tom Oberheim, Dave Smith... we see nothing but great respect. Everyone needs a beginning somewhere. Each must choose their beginnings wisely and then master their trade. So where do we go now? We must be reminded that much of art is seeing more than what is presented on the surface. It is even more than just mastering a shiny new toy and developing a skill. The Roldand TB-303 was originally created to assist guitarists as a bass accompaniment and now it is a figurehead that piloted an entirely different genre with its signature "acid" sound. Keep this in mind as the holidays pass again and when I introduce NAMM 2012. Look at what you have now. Where is your mind? Maybe you've unwrapped it, but have you taken it outside the box?
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