OC ReMix Presents: Wild Arms - ARMed and DANGerous [Free album download]

"On December 20, 1996, a role-playing game called Wild Arms released in Japan, with music by Michiko Naruke that was heavily inspired by American westerns.

15 years later, we're proud to announce ARMed and DANGerous, OC ReMix's largest album EVER!

• Download it: http://armed.ocremix.org
• Torrent: http://bt.ocremix.org/torrents/Wild_Arms_-_ARMed_and_DANGerous.torrent

Director Jade Aguirre's connection to the album is among the most personal of any OC ReMix project, involving friends, family, and her husband, OC ReMix mainstay Jordan "bLiNd" Aguirre:

'Many years ago, I had a great circle of friends. As we got older, our lives started to change and many friendships ended in brokenness. Later, I discovered Wild Arms because of the music and found myself and these old friends in [the game]... like replaying my past over with a soundtrack. The Western theme reminded me of my father, because of his admiration for Westerns. He passed away after I discovered the game, so it brought me some closure," said Jade. "The project is about the music, the fans and everyone's dedicated hard work. Though the reason why I chose Wild Arms is because I wanted to dedicate this to my husband, Jordan. It is the very meaning of my love.'

Among the highlights:

• NEW McVaffe, Stephen Kennedy and FFmusic Dj!
• The OCR debut of trance producer Mike Saint-Jules
• Mazedude being all sorts of wrong (you'll know when you get there)
• All kinds of interpretations ranging from acoustic, electronica, trance, rock, reggae, jazz, orchestral, vocal, Western, experimental, chiptune, and more!
• With 58 tracks by 53 artists, there are TOO MANY to mention!

The OCR community comes out with awesome free video game music arrangements with the greatest of ease. Do yourself a favor, hop in the saddle, and be sure to grab this one!

Mustin said: "Looking forward to it as Wild Arms was the only non-Square RPG I really liked - and the music is incredible." DO WHAT MUSTIN SAYS!


ARMed and DANGerous was a huge effort from Jade and the entire team of ReMixers, and we know you're gonna love it. Even if you never played Wild Arms, this is an excellent introduction to the music!

Happy holidays! And be sure to give us a quick retweet so that Michiko Naruke herself knows you're looking forward to checking out this tribute to her amazing music! THANKS!

OverClocked ReMix (who can't BELIEVE we published 11 new albums in 2011)
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