MOVA live tomorrow! (Vaetxh, Fibla, xtrngr)

MOVA, based in Barcelona, Spain, will go live tomorrow featuring Vaetxh, Fibla, and xtrngr! Mova interacts with its listeners as the show goes live and is later uploaded via the VOD system. Visit the website for the start time seen via the countdown timer on the top right hand side and be sure not to miss it! Other artists confirmed for future shows: Cardiopusher, Nehuen, Pacheko, HEADBIRDS, DR.RES, & HI.MOEZ.

"On October 15th MOVA Live was launched as proposal whose aim is to show weekly a showcase of local talented artists with increasing impact. Moreover, the platform pretends to join artists together with promoters, specialized media and bloggers who can interact through the website The show will be broadcasted live on streaming and the contents will be available via VOD system on the following days. MOVA live is an open window to the worldwide curiosity that revolves around Barcelona and that nowadays could only be seen through festivals once per year. This new dynamic format will showcase the essence of the musical scene right on the moment it is taking place."

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