Waffles Weekly

Jessica Waffles began Waffles Weekly in January after the idea formed while on the dance floor listening to her favorite deejay, Rob Bass, at a New Year's Eve party.

"I'm also a journalist at heart....so, to start my own publication seemed just right....when i got the idea for Waffles Weekly, everything came together and my life made sense!! I finally figured out a way to accomplish my dreams, and help my friends accomplish their dreams as well ."

Its mission is pure and nobel:
"With all endings come a new beginning. Entering 2012, driven by our desire to live free, we begin a movement unlike any other in our age. A movement whose goals are to enlighten your mind, show that keepin' it real is the ONLY way to go, and give deeper understanding of what it takes to bring people together with a common goal to live through our passions."

So, if you're looking for Exclusive photos/videos, Modern Culture, Real People, Good Vibes, Smiling Faces, DJs, Artist spotlights, Fans, Crew Culture, Courtesy, Sharing, Unity, and  Food Basics check it out here within the facebook page but she will soon be launching WafflesWeekly.com so keep any eye out!
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