Droid Behavior celebrates 10 years!

Droid Behavior celebrated a decade of existence at Interface 39! The line-up featured Marcel Dettmann spinning an extended set, Drumcell, Raíz live PA, and Dean Paul; Visuals by Oktaform and sound reinforcement by FUNKTION 1.

"For a decade Droid Behavior has pursued and realized its vision of techno in Los Angeles and beyond. The vinyl label, which features as well as develops international artists, has been supported and licensed by key players and groups in the music industry. Aside from the releases, Droid has pushed its message through alternative media such as podcasts, videos, and interviews, helping the group expand its global presence.

All these transmissions as well dozens of releases and remixes have contributed to resident artists Drumcell, Audio Injection/Truncate, Raíz, and Luis Flores showcasing and performing their unique take on the music in some of techno's finest venues around Europe, North America, South America, Japan and Australia.

The Droid vibe resonates through the events, most notably Interface, which have now occurred in Los Angeles, Detroit, Denver, and soon New York. It is at Interface that Droid re-asserts its vision of underground nightlife, combining cutting edge talent, earth-shattering sound, and electrifying visuals to create an incomparable and fully immersive music environment.

November 17 we celebrated the contributions many have made to this scene, and the role our city has come to play on the international stage, at Interface 39, the Droid 10-year anniversary. The event featured performances by residents Drumcell Raíz and Dean Paul as well as an extended set by Berghain's Marcel Dettmann." 

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