NAMM 2013: Alessandro Cortini, Franki Banalie, Mike Morgan, Miguel Zuleta, Maria Morris & TK

Prominent musicians from all over the world are spotted at NAMM each year and here are just a few that were captured:

Don (left) & Alessandro Cortini (NIN keyboardist) (right)
Alessandro Cortini, keyboardist of Nine Inch Nails, & Don (co-owner of Buchla) were over at the Buchla booth.

And here he is again, Alessandro Cortini, jamming on the Easel Weasel:

Franki Banalie (left) & Mike Morgan (right)
On the right is percussionist Mike Morgan with Franki Banalie, drummer for Quiet Riot! Mike Morgan posted namm pictures for everyone to see here.

This is Miguel Zuleta, drummer of the award-winning Orange County rockin' surf band, The Mai Tais! This band has been making waves since 2005! Miguel has played in several rock and indie bands since the 1980’s!

And here is Maria Morris, drummer and tabla player of The American Daisycutters & bWreck! bWreck just release their debut album during the NAMM 2013 weekend!

And last but not least, guitarist, singer and DJ, Chris Byron of TK Productions!!!

Photos courtesy of Mike Morgan.
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