NAMM 2013: Score Cleaner™

Score Cleaner Notes™ is the first-ever audio recognition instant notation app for the iPhone/iPad. It revolutionizes the way music is scored, shared, and played. You no longer need a preset time signature, tempo, or a click track.


ScoreCleaner Allows Musicians, Composers/Arrangers, Music Learners, Teachers or Novices to Go Straight From a Musical Idea to Musical Notation within Seconds at Their Desktop
ScoreCleaner Notes Allows Anyone to Sing and Play into Their iPhone or iPad and Instantly Receive
a Printable Score

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, January 18, 2013 – DoReMIR Music Research announces the U.S. release of ScoreCleaner, the highly nuanced and easy-to-use notation software that has been revolutionizing the European market for digital notation since 2011. ScoreCleaner is a notation tool that enables musicians, composers, teachers and ensemble leaders to notate music instantly while they play. Unlike other notation software, ScoreCleaner is truly plug and play, converting live performances to accurate notation in real time, with absolutely no training required.

The technology behind ScoreCleaner is built on 20 years of academic research in music cognition, which seeks to explain how humans understand music on a basic level. From that research DoReMIR has designed a piece of software that understands musical phrasing and artistic intent.

“Our goal was to design software which is at the service of music and people, not the other way around,” says Founder and Professor Sven Ahlbäck from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. “There are no advanced computer skills or pre-sets needed for  the program. This makes it possible to be used by both teachers and students not previously acquainted with music notation software, while still being sophisticated enough to be utilized by the most seasoned musician.”

DoReMIR Music Research is also previewing  Score Cleaner Notes at NAMM, an instant audio recognition application. Score Cleaner Notes enables anyone who can whistle or sing a tune to have it rendered instantly into correct notation and MIDI through their iPhone or iPad, publish to social media, sync it with ScoreCleaner, and extend it into a full score using ScoreCleaner or any other notation tool of choice.

DoReMIR CTO Sven Emtell explains, “The input into ScoreCleaner right now is MIDI information either played directly or as standard MIDI Files containing performance MIDI or quantized MIDI. For some time now we’ve been working on the next leap, where the input into ScoreCleaner is audio. We’re proud to announce that we’ve got an audio recognition solution that we believe will be one of the best audio recognition solutions on the planet.”

demonstrated by Professor Ahlbäck at a press conference in the NAMM Media Center on Friday, January 25th at 11:30am with special guest, America’s Got Talent winner Taylor Mathews. 

“In the world of music notation, it’s rare to find a new product that’s as exciting and inspiring as this one,” adds Mark Hiskey, president of ILIO. “One of the things I find exciting is that this product allows songwriters who may not even know how to read music to instantaneously write a score. They can share it with band mates, or self-publish, which really hasn’t been possible until now. ”

ScoreCleaner’s MSRP is $139.00; Teacher version is $99.00; Student Version is $69.00.

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