analoguehaven is always a sight to behold and if you hang around there long enough, you just might spot a familiar face.

On the last day, seconds before NAMM closed, I ran into Mike the creator of Muff Wiggler, one of the largest thriving online modular synthesis communities! This was his first year at NAMM and he was demonstrating some of Tiptop Audio's new modules. He has also created a wiki about Modular Synthesizers and there is even a Wiggler Radio you can listen to. As you can see, he's also wearing a TRASH_AUDIO T-shirt! I especially love their "workspace and environment" segments (they even caught up with Vaetxh).

Here is a video of Mike demonstrating some of Tiptop Audio's new gear thanks to sonicstate:

Also spotted was none other than Richard Devine! (seen in the right corner there)

Thanks to matrixsynth, he was seen using his wizardry on a Make Noise Modular:

At the left corner of the analoguehaven booth was the Schmidt Analog Synthesizer built by Stefan Schmidt & captured by sonicstate:

Also, in the same corner, was the 4ms Pingable Animation Generator captured by sonicstate:

Brands present at the analoguehaven booth: 
  • Tiptop Audio
  • Doepfer
  • Intellijel Designs 
  • Make Noise 
  • STG Soundlabs 
  • EMC Electronics Music Components 
  • Snazzy FX 
  • WMD 
  • Koma Elektronik 
  • 4ms 
  • LZX Industries 
  • Steady State Fate 
  • ProModular 
  • Toppobrillo 
  • Synthwerks 
  • Metasonix 
  • Malekko 
  • Innerclock Systems 
  • XAOC Devices 
  • Trogotronic
Here are a couple quick shots of the booth from left to right: 

Right to left:  
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