Maestro delle Metope / bienoise (free download)

Maestro delle Metope - Sono una Teiera tonda tonda - il mio Beccuccio è a forma d'Onda

Alberto was born in northern Italy from the atomic cloud, in 1985. Living in a quiet, still town, the only natural choice seemed to grow a passion for noise and rabid, frequent shifts. What he does under the name of Maestro delle Metope is just the most electronic shape of this obsession.

Track listing

  1. Tiny Objects are Afraid in Wide Rooms
  2. Without Love, it's just a Tree going Tu Tu Cia
  3. Intermission #1
  4. The Kitchen is Mainly Green
  5. Sharawadji pt.1
  6. Sharawadji pt.2
  7. Lol-a-Buy
  8. Harold Printer
  9. Intermission #2
  10. Stockhausen is not Amused
  11. Dissecion will stop the Audio
  12. Fact - Everything Melts
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