UNANIMOUS MASS releases /​/​02

UNANIMOUS MASS releases "/​/​02"! Promulgated by Earth Pitch Records, this unique piece encompasses an experimental mash of recorded hardware cut-ups and mangled software madness with 5 or 6 people in total. It first involves sampling vinyl sometimes at the wrong speed (45s at 33rpm) onto a hardware sampler (roland sp-555 or 404), and with these cut-ups, synthesizers and drum machines are added to the blend (roland electribes, GAIA, microKORG) which is then recorded into a four-track tape cassette recorder, or perhaps another device, and finally it is finished with a touch of compiled pieces of individual projects. Alex puts on the finishing touches in Logic, and then BEHOLD, the UNANIMOUS MASS is created! This monthly project will be due for another tape release next month along with video and other delicious audio ambiance at Earth Pitch Records so stay tuned and be sure to listen to their first release, "//01"!

“What would life be like, if all the pain you’ve experienced no longer effected your abilities, emotions, and behaviors?” asks a voice in this, //02. The second installment in a mixtape series from UNANIMOUS MASS. //02 is a collection of sun drenched (maybe sometimes heat exhausted) beats and samples with a bent toward redemption. A tour guided by the voice of a reactive mind in search of answers. “People achieve this state everyday, and so can you.”
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