NatureboyRD is Kris Jackson, a musician, producer, and beatmaker currently residing in Long Beach, California. He creates funky, soulful, and atmospheric beats with flavors of hiphop, reggae, and electronica as well as various remixes and musical scores all created within Forknspoon Studios. His debut album, "Beats From The Ground Up" is currently available at itunes, cdbaby, pandora, amazon, bandcamp, and He is currently working on his first concept album, "Tao: the Way of Nature" using samples of classical eastern instruments as well as speech from eastern philosphers, poets, and thinkers.

Kris is a true musician. In addition to his solo project, he also plays in these bands:

  • Paper Kites
  • Recaptive Souls
  • The ComeUnity Band
  • Josh Fischel and the Fiction

Kris has also produced for Civilized delusions, Nebluv, Pe Blackwish, Invisible Bullies, Chronicole, Danielle Lopresti, Rookie Goldenrod, Traneone, and many others!

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