Mojo Rising Releases "On The Horizon" on Cold Busted TODAY

Los Angeles DJ / producer Mojo Rising has returned to the Cold Busted label with a diverse and funky new album titled "On The Horizon." A key player in California’s dance scene since 1992, DJ Mojo (as he goes by when behind the decks) is known for eclectic sets that span downtempo, drum n’ bass, breakbeat and house. He has the distinction of having held residency at three of Los Angeles’ most beloved underground gatherings – What? Afterhours, F.A.M.I.L.Y, and Insomniac (which now organizes the epic EDC festival) – and DJ’ed at the memorable Organic ’96 festival alongside the Orb, Underworld, and the Chemical Brothers. With On The Horizon, Mojo Rising leaves little left to desire offering a full album of savory slow burners that should satisfy funk freaks and beat heads the world over. Awash with pleasant idiosyncrasies and plenty of bouncy, soulful breaks, tracks like “ Boom Boom Martini,” “Bumpy Ride,” and “Caravan” easily stand out as favorites. Mojo has also collaborated with Cold Busted label mate mister T. - still riding a wave of praise for his LP Play It Loud - on the latinflavored “Just Listening.” Whether recouping from a decadent night on the town or just getting ready to hit the club, this spotless manifesto of modern downtempo tunes will add a splash of class to any occasion … there’s no going wrong here. 
- Also available on Beatport, iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play in addition to Cold Busted's bandcamp page. 
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