Summer NAMM 2013: New Tube Mic from MXL & Hot Swap Your Guitar and Basses from MOGAMI Cable

Summer NAMM 2013: New Tube Mic From MXL Is A Revelation For Singers and Sound Engineers 

The Revelation Solo is a fixed cardioid tube microphone with a warm, vintage sound.

El Segundo, CA, July 11, 2013 – MXL, a division of Marshall Electronics and leading manufacturer of microphones, will unveil the Revelation Solo Fixed Cardioid Pattern Tube Microphone at the 2013 Summer NAMM show. The Revelation Solo is the third microphone in the Revelation family. It will be on display during Summer NAMM in booth #800, Hall A.

The MXL Revelation Solo has the vintage tube sound with the convenience of a cardioid-only pattern. The Revelation Solo has the following features:

  • Cardioid pattern high quality tube microphone.
  • 32mm Gold sputtered capsule.
  • Hand Selected EF86 tube.
  • Beautiful dark violet and chrome finish.

MXL Director of Sales and Marketing Perry Goldstein says, “The Revelation mics are our flagship microphones. Singers and sound engineers expect a high level of performance from an MXL Revelation mic based on the reputation of the two existing models. The Revelation Solo certainly delivers.”

The MXL Revelation Solo Microphone is ideal for all singers. The sound is intimate and warm thanks to the EF86 tube found in all Revelation mics.

It comes complete with an aluminum flight case, shock mount, Mogami cables, and custom power supply.

The MXL Revelation Solo has an MSRP of $799.95, and will be available in music stores everywhere, starting July 11, 2013.

About MXL:
MXL, a division of Marshall Electronics, is a leading manufacturer of consumer and professional audio products for the music recording, broadcast, post, production, and live sound markets. MXL microphones are designed and engineered in El Segundo, California. Additional information on MXL microphones can be found at

About Marshall Electronics:
Marshall Pro Audio/Video is a leading supplier of LCD monitors, cameras, business microphones, cables and accessories for A/V professionals around the world. With over 30 years of experience servicing the industrial, broadcast and OEM electronics industries, Marshall Pro A/V offers unique system solutions, flexibility, superior customer service and the latest technologies for the professional audio/video market. Discover the Marshall advantage at

Summer NAMM 2013: Hot Swap Your Guitar and Basses While the Volume Stays on Eleven

The Mogami Gold Instrument Silent Series Cable Brings New Meaning to Ear and Speaker Safety, While Delivering Killer Tone

El Segundo, CA, July 11, 2013 – MOGAMI Cable announces the new Gold Instrument Silent Series Cable. The cable will be offered with either straight or 90 degree angle Neutrik ® Silent Plugs. The new cables will be on display during Summer NAMM in booth #800, Hall A.

The very popular Neutrik ® Silent Plug allows hot-swapping guitars without the earsplitting pop or risk of blown speakers. Previously, the silent plugs were available only on Mogami Platinum level instrument cables. Now Gold Instrument Cable users can enjoy the convenience of “silent swapping” on stage or in studio.

The Neutrik ® Silent Plugs have an internal switch which automatically silences the cable until it is connected. Combined with MOGAMI’s signature noise-free cable, Silent Plugs ensure that the only sound coming from the cables is made by the instruments.

MOGAMI Gold Instrument Silent Series Cable carries a lifetime warranty. Visit to locate a dealer.


Often referred to as “The Cable of the Pros,” MOGAMI Cable is used in recording studios worldwide by some of the biggest names in music today. MOGAMI produces instrument and microphone cables for studio and live performances. Every foot of MOGAMI cable is manufactured in MOGAMI’s Nagano, Japan facility. MOGAMI is distributed exclusively in North America by Marshall Electronics located in El Segundo, CA. To learn more about MOGAMI cable, visit
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