NAMM 2014: Moon Modular

Moon Modular is owned by Gert Jalass and they create modules that allow you to explore new ways to generate trigger signals and control voltages, to process control voltages, introduce voltage control in a creative manner, and to integrate modern midi, and even computer-generated, instruments and effects. Each module is hand crafted in Germany, utilizing only high quality components, known from the classic instruments in history; this gives the look and feel of the great original modular synthesizers.

On the right is the new Sequencer Expander next to the trigger sequencer. It allows for four tigger-busses and individual outputs for the step positions.

One of their newest modules is the 501D Dual VC Oscillator which combines two voltage controlled oscillator circuits in one double-width unit. The two oscillator halves can enter a symbiosis or be manipulated by individual functions. 

If you are in North America and are eager to grab one of these modules, noisebug is the place to go!

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