NAMM 2014: The Modular Corner ( WMD booth 1076 ) Part 1

Photo by Natefrogg
This year, WMD, the creators of guitar pedals and euro-rack modular synthesizers - that will spank you in the eardrums - was hosting the sexy synthy modular corner with Make Noise, SSF (Steady State Fate), enclave (eurorack cases), The Harvestman Digital Audio Electronics, Suit And Tie Guy (STG Soundlabs), Flight of Harmony, Tiptop, Hexinverter, Koma Elektronik, 4ms, Verbos Electronics, Delptronics, Snazzy fx, and Trash_Audio.

WMD has a new Sequential Switch Matrix:

Check out this SSF & WMD Ultra Fold tease:

analoguezone captured Richard Devine performing:

Richard Devine (left) and Mr. Make Noise himself  Tony Rolando (right)
Make Noise was showing off a few new modules that included the Rosie and Teleplexer!


KOMA Elektronik


Video Courtesy of Matrixsynth

This is the end of Part 1. Go to part 2! 

to see what we saw last year featuring Mike, the creator of Muff Wiggler, and more!
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